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Whether often you take with yourselves the camera?

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Often, suddenly I shall see something interesting

Sometimes, more often on travel

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03/03/2008 16:23
Welcome! We have opened system of registration. So be registered, visit a forum, express! We are glad to you!

Our partners
We are glad to welcome you on a resource, devoted PHOTOS!

Already for a long time the photo became not simply hobby is an art.

Isskustvo photos. But certainly it is more than fans. Our site will be interesting not only to professionals, but also fans to embody the bright moments of a life and to look at the world through an objective.

On our site you will find weight of a material about a photo - interesting clauses about that as well as what correctly to photograph, What software to use at processing a photo and how to do it more correctly. We as shall tell to you, what tool professionals use at shooting. You will collide with unexpectedness in a photo the world! Everything, that you interests, you can discuss at a forum.

So, successful travel on our portal!

Illumination (the Heading: your photolaboratory)
Illumination is expensive, but very important part of an arsenal of the photographer. First of all, projectors to which then it is possible to think out set of additions for creation of various light effects are necessary for you. Projectors are a basis of studio illumination. You can get monoblocks or accumulators. Monoblocks are projectors with an individual feed where the power unit is located inside of the device. Accumulators allow you to connect some projectors to one power supply. Both of the device work without dependence from the central electric system.

Adobe Photoshop (the Heading: Graphic editors)
As is known in the world of digital shooting, there was very widespread a concept the graphic editor. There is a huge set of a similar kind of programs. But in given clause speech about popular raster editor Adobe Photoshop will go. The basic purpose it will learn to edit digital images by means of this complex, powerful and professional software product. Even the professionals working with this program on years, recognize, that do not know its all opportunities. So occurs because Adobe Photoshop constantly fill up, letting out for it additional special tools – filters. We shall study the most basic receptions in this program maintenance which will help to correct and improve your photos, and further you will go.

Chambers and their formats (the Heading: your photolaboratory)
For each photographer beginning or professional, a choice of the chamber has huge value. Earlier, such professional chambers which use, for example, Terens Donovan or David Bailey, were very dear and at all on a pocket. Now chambers are more accessible, and the commission market is especially wide partially because many people sell the film chambers to get digital. Other factor which should be considered at a choice of the chamber, is cost and quality of the objective applied on the chamber.

Shootings on travel (the Heading: Unexpectedness in the photoworld)
It is known, that most of all photos we do during travel as we want that memoirs on these places it was kept not only in our memory. To a plenty happens it is insulting, that pictures turn out not so bright and colourful as it would be desirable and even dear chamber, to a plenty does not help to improve quality of a photo. To avoid similar situations, it is necessary to know bases of photoshooting.

Portrait (the Heading: Plots)
Basic element of a portrait is the image of the person. Portraits happen different: it is possible to photograph the person in full growth, and it is possible to embody only its person. The majority of pictures which are done by photographers-fans, — portraits: single and group, close up and in an interior. But to receive a good portrait not so that it is simple. The person on a portrait should be recognized. For this purpose it is necessary for photographer to understand, that most brightly characterizes appearance of the given person and its private world.
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